Forget the Facelift: Forma® Treatment Tightens Skin With Noninvasive Radio Frequency Technology

Is there really such a thing as a nonsurgical, noninvasive, painless, no downtime facelift? Thanks to today’s advanced aesthetic tools, and the Forma® system’s bipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology, the answer to that question is an emphatic yes! A Forma radiofrequency, noninvasive face-lift can take years off of your appearance and deliver noticeable results after just one treatment.


A traditional facelift is major surgery. You have to prepare for anesthesia, extensive downtime, and a painful recovery, all for the sake of looking younger. If you’re like many women and men, you don’t want to take those risks, but you do want to look your best at every age. And you do want to smooth out wrinkles and tighten sagging skin.

The Forma system by InMode delivers amazing, visible results without the risks associated with surgery. The biggest risk you take during a Forma treatment is the possibility of a temporary pinkish look to your skin, as if you’ve been out in the sun for an hour or so.

This surface redness typically goes away shortly after your appointment, and it doesn’t damage your skin. It’s simply the result of the Forma handheld device heating your skin tissue to about 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though the tissue below your skin’s surface elevates to this higher temperature, numbing cream keeps you comfortable. So in addition to being a risk-free procedure, Forma is also painless. Many people compare it to a hot stone massage for your face. And, if at any time you’re not comfortable, we can manually lower the temperature of the device for sensitive areas.



Think about the reasons you might even consider a facelift: You want tighter, firmer, lifted skin around your cheekbones, jawline, and eyebrows. This is exactly how the RF energy works when you get a Forma treatment. In less than an hour in our medspa, where we make it our priority to keep you comfortable, you can get the benefits of a face-lift without an unpleasant experience.

When the RF energy from the Forma handheld device penetrates the deep layers of your skin, the elevated temperature incites your body’s natural healing response, which is to produce new collagen. How amazing is that? Your body tries to heal itself from the heat by producing new collagen cells.

Fresh collagen cells turn into new collagen tissue that’s tighter, smoother, and younger-looking than the skin you have now. That’s because, as you get older, you stop producing as much collagen and elastin — the support structure of supple skin — than you did in your younger days.

You leave our office with visible results and a healthier glow. And in the weeks that follow your Forma treatment, your skin continues to produce new collagen and rebuild healthy tissue, so you continue to look younger and revitalized.

Depending on your skin condition and your overall aesthetic goals, we customize a treatment plan for you that may include more than one Forma treatment. That way, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of a noninvasive facelift for a year or longer.



Treatments are so convenient that you can schedule them during your lunch hour and get back to work right afterward. Why go under the knife for a younger, rejuvenated complexion when you can relax in our medspa for this innovative, nonsurgical treatment that’s akin to getting a highly advanced facial but without the drawbacks?

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