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Men’s Services

At Erasing Time, we offer a range of services for men who care about their skin health and aesthetics. We provide services such as Laser Hair Removal, PRP & Microneedling, BOTOX™, Fillers, Hair Regrowth, Penile Enhancements, and many medical facial options.

Laser Hair Removal

Whether you are wanting permanent hair removal on your face or body, we can accomplish that for you.

PRP/Microneedling/Vampire Facials

When men want to actually improve the quality of their skin with top of the line technology, we are here for them.

Botox and Fillers

Lines happen. Wrinkles happen. Life happens. We are here for when that shows. At Erasing Time, Kyme specializes in making men look completely natural, while using top technology and specialties to enable that natural look.

We use BOTOX™, Dysport™, Juvederm™, and Restylane™ for facial rejuvenation needs, and do so very effectively and stealthily. Say goodbye to laugh lines, under eye bags, crow’s feet, and unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. We do all of this “without the knife.” Erasing Time offers non-surgical, immediate results that require little to no downtime.

Hair Growth

We may use a multi-approach for hair regrowth. Depending on the source of the problem, we may use PRP Microneedling and also incorporate Hydrafacial Services.

At Erasing Time, we have found the Hydrafacial to effectively remove blockages and to clear up the area of the skin where hair is needing fresh, new growth.

PRP Microneedling stimulates hair growth in the area of treatment, which enables the body to naturally produce hair growth in that treated area.

Facial Services

Men’s skin tends to get more sun exposure, as they are not raised with the constant reminded to wear sun protectant lotion on their face as much as girls are when they are growing up. During teenage years, most people tend to be out in the sun without constantly reapplying sunscreen or facial lotions that contain sun protection. And most ads and products are aimed at women, even though men need them just as much as women do!

These years of unprotected sun exposure to the skin do indeed damage it. But here’s the good news: we can help reverse the signs of aging as well as the effects of sun damage. We can help revitalize your skin, because being a man does not mean not taking care of your skin.

One of our best options in terms of services for natural skin enhancement is Morpheus8, as it actually improves the skin on a cellular level, effectively enabling your skin to repair and improve itself via natural stimulation. Morpheus8 is a top of the line technology and device that creates dramatic results that look natural and visibly diminish the signs of aging on the treated area.

PRP for Penis

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) has many uses. One of the least talked about, but wonderful uses of PRP is for men’s penile rejuvenation. PRP therapy can help alleviate erectile dysfunction as well as heighten sexual satisfaction.

Potential benefits of PRP for penile rejuvenation include: increased erection quality, improved libido, heightened stamina, improved blood flow, circulation and tissue improvement.

PRP is a regenerative treatment which releases growth factors, enabling tissue regeneration via the natural production of stem cells.

Which Services Are Best for You? Which Services Do You Need? We Will Know.

The best way to know which services are best for you are to do a consultation. Kyme, founder of Erasing Time, will do an in-depth consultation and discuss your goals and desires for your look and skin health. It can seem overwhelming as to which device or options are best for you, so we take the guessing out of it during your individual consultation.

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Botox™ and Fillers

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