Q&A with Kyme: All About Sculptra BBL’s

One of the most popular aesthetic procedures being performed today is “the BBL”: the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Q: I want to get a very large booty. Can Sculptra injections into my Botox accomplish that?

A:  Sculptra BBL provides a larger natural Booty lift that compliments your figure. We don’t do  extreme size changes, and our results are natural looking yet can provide dramatic overall improvement.  


Q: I have read a lot about nodules forming from Sculptra. I am afraid of that. How do I know that will not happen to me?

A: Since those early days, Sculptra has made changes with mixture, making nodule formation practically nonexistent. And I have not had any of my clients experience that.


Q: How long will it take to get the booty I want?

A: Depending on the size of booty you are wanting, it could take between 2-6 months. We also have combination therapies which help speed up the process.


Q: How long do sculpture BBL results last?

A: Sculptra results are natural and can last up to 5 years. With occasional touch-ups, the Sculptra BBL results could last even longer! I put an exclamation point there because it really is so loved by women for so many reasons, and one of those major reasons is how you can so easily maintain the results. 


Q: I’m over 50 and want a bigger booty and a lifted booty. Will Sculptra BBL work for me?

A: Sculptra works for all ages. The results may take a little longer depending on age.


Q: Are there any supporting treatments that you recommend to do in unison with Sculptra BBL?

A: Yes, I often recommend starting with a Morpheus8 treatment because using Morpheus8 before Sculptra intensifies the results by activating the production of collagen. So we start with Morpheus8, then 30 days later we begin with the Sculptra BBL injections. In between Sculptra BBL injections, we also recommend book some sessions with our body sculpting machine. The body sculpting technology is a giant booster to the collagen production already being boosted in your booty with Sculptra’s help. Results are beyou-tiful.


“You are an individual. Your treatment plan should be, too.”

-Kyme Mariner