Tone and Tighten Your Skin. No Downtime, Zero Pain.

Forma is gaining popularity as the non-surgical facelift.

What is Forma?

Forma is a noninvasive and painless treatment that is an incredibly advanced skin and tissue remodeling technology. Using a subdermal heating applicator, the Forma device delivers powerful results that penetrate deep into the dermal layers, effectively improving skin into the depths of the dermal layers, as well as on the surface. This visibly improves the look of the skin, giving it bounce and youthfulness, while simultaneously regenerating many layers into the skin for long-term skin improvement.

Real Talk…

The way the radio frequency works is by traveling via electrodes to the targeted areas. The Forma device was carefully designed to auto adjust heat levels, providing optimal temperatures for heat in each area. While the trained technician moves around the forehead, jowls, jawline, and neck, they are able to increase and decrease the heat output to completely protect the skin’s integrity and perfectly improve the skin at deep tissue levels.

The Forma facial is an effective and safe skin tightening beauty service that offers clients big results with zero downtime and a painless experience. Forma is a treatment that offers collagen stimulation and improved skin elasticity without use of an invasive procedure.

Why it is The Facial Sculpting Beauty Treatment That is Making Headlines

As Forma facial has become increasingly popular over the years, it’s effectiveness and safety have grown as a proven beauty treatment that combines science and technology. Forma is truly one of the best anti-aging treatments on the market, as it tightens and brightens skin, while dynamically sculpting the skin tissue.

Forma technology is getting press for everything from reducing nasolabial folds to improving the look of crow’s feet and smile lines. As an FDA-approved skin rejuvenation treatment, the Forma facial uses heat and radio frequency to lift, tighten, and contour your skin.

It takes up to three months to see the extent of the Forma results because of cellular turnover. Basic facials will work on the surface of the skin, but the Forma facial improves the skin at deep levels, actually improving the quality and feel of the dermis. Cellular turnover takes 30 days, and the way Forma works at multiple depths of dermis layers, the skin will continue to improve from the Forma technology over the course of three months. Here’s the great news: Results last up to a year! That is no typical facial; that is a supreme aesthetic technology at work.

Forma Facial: The Procedure and Cost

The Forma facial treatment is done in about an hour and will simply make your face look flushed like you just hit the gym but goes away within about 15-45 minutes generally. It is only 30 minutes of your time, yet you will need a few sessions to see major improvements. Yes, your face will look renewed, refreshed, and visibly improved! We are very honest and straight-forward with our clients. We will not lie to you. You are likely to see results after one session, and much more impressive results following a few sessions.

With beauty treatments that are non-invasive and yield incredible results, a few treatments sessions are necessary. It’s kind of the tradeoff for avoiding surgery and invasive treatments that require downtime and involve pain. The way we see it, what’s the big deal in coming into our beautiful state-of-the-art medical spa a few times, where we welcome you with genuine pleasure and coffee or tea, especially when your end results are so gorgeous and dramatic, yet natural-looking.

People will wonder what you had done, but it will be up to you to decide whether you tell them you started eating better and exercising (like most celebrities claim) or whether you share you secret of Erasing Time with them—either way, our lips are sealed!

How many Forma sessions are right for you and how often should they be performed? Kyme, owner of Erasing Time, suggests doing a series of three Forma treatments, performed every one to two weeks. For older clients, more sessions may be needed, and some clients choose to do three or four sessions in a week for their beauty goals and timeline. Got a special event you are attending? One session will do the trick and you will glow through the evening and into the following months.

Single Forma Facial


3 Pack Forma Facial


At Erasing Time, a Forma facial costs $400. However, we also offer package deals ($900 for a package of 3 Forma facials). Another option for you to save money on your Forma facials is to become a monthly member! If you have a monthly membership, you will get 20% off your Forma facials. It pays off to be a member at Erasing Time, and by “pays off” we mean it really saves you money. We strive to make if affordable and enjoyable to use our services.