Vampire Facial

Get a deep facial rejuvenation that will even out your skin tone, texture, and complexion.

Vampire Facials™, also known as PRP Facials, are one of the most requested skin beauty treatments. Ever since Kim Kardashian made a splash on social media with her documented experience with the Vampire Facial™, women and men around the world began to call up med spas and book their own sessions for the latest and greatest facial on the market. As a matter of fact, Vampire Facial has become one of the most popular skin care treatments among men.

A Vampire Facial™ effectively stimulates cellular turnover, wherein the skin is boosted to produce collagen and elastin. You will get a plumper, smoother, tighter complexion that will reveal your younger looking face. The way the science works in this facial, is by stimulating collagen production and actually jumpstarting your skin to rejuvenate itself. In essence, it is enabling self-healing at an impressive rate of success that continues for much longer than a few days.

Vampire Facials help with…

    • Fine lines
    • Wrinkles
    • Sun damage
    • Skin elasticity
    • Skin texture
    • Plumping skin
    • Collagen production
    • Scar reduction
    • Stretch mark appearance
    • Pock mark reduction
    • Dark spots

Firmer. Smoother. More Elasticity.

What Happens During a PRP Facial?

At Erasing Time, we start by prepping the skin with a numbing cream. While that numbing cream is taking effect, we quickly take a small vile of the client’s blood and proceed to spin that vile in a centrifuge, which separates the plasma (on top), platelets and blood cells (in the middle), and the red blood cells (on the bottom).

After the skin is numb, we begin the facial, using the Vampire Facial* device that safely performs mircroneedling on the skin as our specialist guides it on the skin. During the actual facial, the platelets that were separated into the middle of the vile, known as PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), are used as a serum that is rubbed onto the skin throughout the procedure.

The facial is not actually scary, and you will not be covered in blood. It is an intense facial, as it harnesses technology and science into the aesthetic and health world of skin. But do not be afraid that it will hurt or be too intense; we carefully perform our procedure, and before the Vampire Facial procedure even begins, we make sure our client’s face is numbed from the pre-procedure cream.

Is PRP The Same Thing as A Vampire Facial?

PRP is simply Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is integrated into the Vampire Facial*. People will sometimes refer to the Vampire Facial as a PRP Facial, but the facial is actually a Microneedling PRP Facial.

How Soon Will I Notice a Difference in My Face from The Vampire Facial™?

You will notice that the skin tightens after your first session. We often end up recommending a series of Vampire Facials, depending on where your skin is in the aging process, or how severe your skin issues are, how deep scars are, and what the end skin goal is for the person. Results are optimal after 30 days. Why 30 days? Because that’s how long cellular turnover takes, so your skin will not be completely rejuvenated until the full cellular turnover has completed its 30-day cycle. However, you will see dramatic results in just 3 days, after the redness and any puffiness has totally disappeared.

How Do I Know If the Vampire Facial Is Good for Me?

Because the Vampire Facial™ uses a person’s own blood (PRP), there will be allergies to the facial. It is a good facial for any gender, any age (starting with Teenagers and upward), and any skin type.

What Is the Aftercare for Your Skin Following a Vampire Facial?

What Is the Aftercare for Your Skin Following a Vampire Facial?

The most important thing for the first two weeks is to stay out of the sun. Where sunscreen, wear a hat, and stay out of the direct sunlight. Your new skin is virgin skin which means is must be babied for a week or so. This simply means to be very gentle with it and to be protective of it.

Since your skin is healing, you want to be very careful about the products you use on your face, as you don’t want anything that is too heavy or that could clog your pores. At Erasing Time, we offer skin care lines that specifically cater to this sort of need, as well as providing a free post-procedure serum that helps heal your skin faster and that helps protect it from any clogging or irritation.

You can start wearing make up in a couple of days. Don’t plan your Vampire Facial* two days before a big event because you want to let your skin really breathe and not have any heavy makeup that can clog up pores while your skin is undergoing a deep rejuvenation.

Whoever you choose to do your Vampire Facial*, make sure they are certified with the credentials to show and have a great reputation. Even though the Vampire Facial* is completely safe at a certified, professional business/medical spa. When serious facials are being performed, it is not safe to have them done by someone who is not licensed to perform them. Definitely review the company/esthetician online first to make sure they are legit and have a very good reputation for cleanliness and performance.

If you have any history of blood diseases or issues with clotting, you may need to avoid Vampire Facials. Before performing any procedure at Erasing Time, we speak with you, the client, about your health history to make sure the procedure is safe and a good choice for you.

How do I know if a Vampire Facial is good for me?

Because Vampire Facial uses a persons own blood (PRP). There will not be any allergic reactions to the facial. It is a good facial for any gender and any age (starting with teens and upward, and any skin type).

Vampire Facial


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