New Patients

At Erasing Time, we welcome new patients with a genuine “hello!” and often with goody bags of skin serum samples and products to try-before-you-buy if you are looking for the latest and greatest products that we (honestly) swear by. As a matter of fact, our staff use our products daily because they really do work and create visible results. We feel that if we wouldn’t want to use it every day, why would we recommend it to the people that trust and depend on us? The same goes with our MedSpa services: we do the treatments because they are amazing and keep people guessing at our age (which they never successfully do). Our friends and family depend on our skills, services, and products, and we bring that same promise of quality and outstanding results to each one of our clients.

Our MedSpa offers the latest technology on the market and the most effective beauty tech with proven and safe results. Many of our devices are raved about in the major gossip and beauty magazines, and used by the biggest influencers on IG and YouTube. We keep up on the latest training and practices for all of our procedures, keeping you safe from start to finish.

Personalized Client Intakes

We Keep Your Files Updated with Photos

Each Client's Journey is Filed for Visual Reference

Prior to any procedure we perform, our staff who are licensed and respected in the industry will sit down with you and discuss your concerns, medical issues (if any), questions, and goals. Not only do we love to meet expectations, but we really love to exceed them and do so often. If you are looking to use your insurance provider in any way, our receptionist will be happy to assist you. Just let us know if there is anything we can do to make the process easier for you; we even stock the candy dishes with our favorite fruit gummies.

We proudly serve the Woodland Hills area and the surrounding communities that draw visitors from everywhere to our sunny southern California zip code. Visiting town with a tight schedule but want to fit in a beauty treatment? No problem, we will do our best to fit you in and get you the beauty servicing that you want. Are you a local? Consider our monthly membership that saves you 20% on every service you book as well as hooking you up with extra perks.

Questions? Concerns? Want to schedule a consultation? Contact us today at via email or call us at (818) 861-5780.