Getting Prom-Ready at the Los Angeles’ MedSpa That Offers Teens Specialized Facials and Acne Treatments

Most people think, “MedSpa” and simply think of anti-aging and wrinkle treatments, but that’s not how Erasing Time approaches beauty and medicine. We approach aesthetics with young, aging, the full range of skin tones and skin types, all genders, and each person’s unique beauty goals in mind.

With Covid restrictions finally lifting in Los Angeles, people are taking off their masks alas, and there are some serious skin issues that have been exacerbated by the mask-wearing. Teens are some of the most likely to notice and experience skin inflammation and clogged pores, due to their hormone changes and oily skin.

“Teens are seeing their pores being extra-clogged around the mouth and nose areas, and their are experiencing irritates skin and problematic inflammations from the masks.”

– Kyme Mariner, Owner/Founder


Prom is just around the corner and your teen is going to want their skin to be fresh and clean, and zit-free. No one wants a big, red pimple on their forehead for Prom photos. No mother wants to have to console her distraught daughter over a new and painful clogged pore right on the end of her nose while she is trying to get ready for her big night. We want our kids to remember the fun they had that night, rather than the frustrating oily outbreak on their chest or back.

And this isn’t just for girls—this is just as much for the guys as it is for the gals. Facials are not solely for females. And acne treatments are just as effective and necessary for boys as they are for girls. At Erasing Time, we cater to teens’ skin, as one of our areas of expertise and training.

To get teens ready for their Prom Night, we offer a list of services that their parents often book them. Depending on the skin issues or concerns, parents may book some services a couple of weeks in advance and then another service the day before the day of the Prom.



What We Suggest for Your Teen

Teen Services:



One of the most popular services for teens is the Hydrafacial.  Young men and women absolutely love this MedSpa facial for the extra ‘pop’ is gives to the skin. Wanting that fresh and dewy look that simply glows? Yep, that’s the work of our Hydrafacial tech. It’s fast, easy, painless and has zero down time.



For those that suffer recurring acne breakouts, we suggest booking a microneedling appointment 2 weeks before the prom. We also suggest making the appointment on a Friday after school so that they can relax and recover in time for Monday classes.



Teen skin responds amazingly to PRP treatments that are combined with micro needling. For teens struggling with skin issues such as acne (on face and/or body), overly active oil glands, or rosacea, PRP is the absolute God-send for their skin.



For those teens that want a little something extra special , we offer Forma Facial Treatments which are not just used for aging skin issues, but also for a beautiful skin tightening that creates a gorgeous lift for the cheeks. For young women, we focus the Forma treatment on the cheeks and outer eye area— it really gives a youthful and natural shape that looks extra special in photos. Best part about it? No downtime and it’s super relaxing. Yes, we know, it’s just about perfect for your event prep.


“I really want people to know that I am a business owner, but I’m also a mom, and I built a business that caters to the desires and needs of youth and the aging alike. Beauty science is not just about ‘being pretty’ or“ ‘looking young’ but rather about optimal health and feeling fresh.”



Wanting to book with us? Don’t waste any time—call us now—Prom is just around the corner! Call us today 818.861.5780