Injectables and Fillers


Botoxand Fillers Fix Those Wrinkles and Fine Lines with Immediate Results

Injectables and fillers, although used mostly on the face, are quite useful and versatile. Each of the injectables that we use are FDA-approved and our staff are trained and certified professionals to use them.

Erasing Time uses BOTOX™ as a Cometic Procedure

BOTOX™ is used for more than fine lines and wrinkles. It is used for headaches, people who suffer from severe migraines, TMJ, and stress-induced jaw tightness. BOTOX™ works by relaxing the muscles, and it has medical as well as beauty uses.

Stimulate New Tissue Growth. Rejuvenate The Skin.

Benefits of Injectables and Fillers…

    • Look younger

    • Plumper looking skin

    • Lift brows

    • Eliminate smile lines

    • Erase crow’s feet

    • Get rid of frown lines

    • Smooth wrinkles

    • Restore volume to cheeks

    • Plump lips

    • Improve jawline shape

Avoiding “The Frozen Face” Look

When Kyme founded Erasing Time, she did so with a passion for the natural beauty she emphasized on her clients.

Kyme makes sure that each client at Erasing Time is well-advised and receives beauty consultations that help guide clients to a look that influences the clients naturally beauty rather than the look that looks fake or “done.”

How Erasing Time Uses BOTOX™

At our office, BOTOX™ is used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. We utilize the magic of BOTOX™ with many other supporting services, depending on the individual client and their aesthetic goals.

How Long Do Treatments Last?

BOTOX™ treatments last 5 to 45 minutes, depending on how much the client is having done.

How Long Until the BOTOX™ Takes Effect?

It generally takes about 2 hours for BOTOX™ to take effect. But the entire first week, it will fully settle in to play and you will be loving the powers of Botox.

How Long Do Results from BOTOX* Last?

Results last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on your body chemistry.

Preparing for Your BOTOX™ Treatment

We generally tell clients to plan a treatment two weeks before any big event, to give the Botox time to settle in and for any potential bruising to be completely gone. Also, we advise clients to go easy on the social drinking and over-intake of caffeine, simply because it’s good practice for optimal experiences.

NO DOWNTIME. With that said, sometimes the client may experience slight bruising, but at Erasing Time we really pride ourselves in being very gentle and having “low bruising outcomes.”


Diminish Signs of Aging in a Day

These noninvasive Dysport injections help to reduce the appearance of age defining wrinkles. The main area of focus for this technique is between the eyebrows where the face’s deepest wrinkles are, which is why Dysport is frequently used to treat these noticeable wrinkles. Our injectables and fillers, although used mostly on the face, are quite useful and versatile. Each of the injectables that we use are FDA-approved and our staff are trained and certified professionals to use them.

Areas for Injectables

    • Smile Lines

    • Jawline

    • Chin

    • Forehead

    • Between the eyes/brows

    • Eye Area

    • Lips

An Experienced Hand Makes All the Difference

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good and experienced injector. It is absolutely vital that you have an experienced, highly trained and certified professional doing your injectables and fillers. An experienced and good injector will be able to look at your face, analyze your features and facial symmetries, and know how the bone structure of your face will look with each area of injection.

BEWARE of the “Botox Bargains” where service and product are cheap compared to a reputable place; although fillers and injectables are safe when done by the right professionals, they are very dangerous in the wrong hands.

How Do I Know Injectables Are Right for Me?

As with any of our services, we always do a consultation first with any client to make sure that the service is right for them and their beauty goals. Injectables can be an amazing solution to your aesthetic goals or being used as “overkill” on your face. At our medical spa we are very particular about providing very natural results that don’t look over done.

At Erasing Time, we create fully customized treatment plans that will accomplish what the client specifically wants to change and improve on the face and body. There are a number of options within injectable to choose from, so we help guide our clients through which ones are right for them, specifically, and why.

All injectables should only be used by a trained and certified professional. Injectables and fillers are a sort of art form, and that’s how we feel about them at Erasing Time. Each person’s face and facial bone structure are unique, and how each person animates their facial expression will determine how and how much injectables/fillers will be utilized.


Address signs of aging with Juvederm™, with one of our highly trained and certified professionals at Erasing Time.

Juvederm™ is most often used on lips to plump the pout. But it is also used often to define and shape the cheeks, chin, and facial lines, folds, and wrinkles. It is also long-lasting; with optimal treatment, Juvederm™ can last up to 18 months. As a matter of fact, Juverderm™ is the only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that is FDA-approved to last up to one year.

When clients need a dermal filler, we first analyze which one would be best suited to their specific needs and area of the face/body. For clients with a mild to severe case of wrinkles or folds, we often turn to Juvederm™ as a filler.


At Erasing Time, we choose to use specific injectables and fillers in specific places on the face and body. Juvederm™ is a very effective service to lift, smooth, and plump areas of the face by harnessing the powers of hyaluronic acid which delivers volume to the skin. We can lift and fill imperfections instantly.

As we age, we develop lines that form around our nose and mouth that become deeper and more noticeable with time. These are often called the “parentheses lines” and are very treatable with the right fillers. Other areas on the face that Juvederm™ is a wonderful solution for include smile lines, marionette lines (lines formed near the chin), vertical lip lines, increased volume on the cheeks, facial contouring, and also to create fuller lips.


No puffy cheeks, just plump, natural-looking faces.

Restylane™ is a great way to reshape, contour, define, or simply restore the shape on your cheeks. It smooths wrinkles, fills in folds, beautifully fills in the lines around the mouth, adds natural-looking volume to your cheeks, lifts cheeks with soft volume, and can even restore volume to backs of your hands.

The way Restylane™ works is by acting as your body’s very own hyaluronic acid (which it naturally produces) which effectively restores volume to the treated areas. Results are immediate, require no downtime, and generally last 6 to 12 months.

We are so fast you can literally swing by on your lunch break to get a quick filler.

Restylane™ is an incredible option for under eye fillers. It does not absorb a lot of water, which is very important considering how crying may affect the look of a filler in that area. That is one major reason why we generally use Restylane™ for under eye areas.

Sometimes, we use Restylane™ to fill in scars, also, as it is a wonderful option for that, depending on the area of treatment and the person’s aesthetic goals. When it comes to scars we have multiple options for treatment and reduction of scar appearance. During your consultation we will discuss which service(s) we think best suit your needs and goals.


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