PRP Penis

Stimulation, vitality, and harder erections.

PRP is used for a range of healing purposes in many absolutely amazing ways. PRP Therapy contains 8 amazing identifiable growth factors  and is used for everything from dentistry to hair restoration. It works for a wide range bodily improvements, including penile enhancements.

How so, exactly?

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Harder erections
  • More intense orgasms
  • Improvement in sensation
  • Stronger sex drive

The PRP Penis Treatment, also known as “The P Shot” helps ED medications work better and have more effect. But outside of that, there are many other benefits and reasons for getting the P Shot, such as the desire to have more intense sexual experiences. The PRP Penis treatment can also help men who have erectile issues from diabetes, prostrate problems, and side effects from medication.

Stimulate New Tissue Growth. Rejuvenate The Penis.

  • Increased
    • Arousal
    • Penis girth
    • Overall penis size
    • Penis strength
    • Sexual stamina

Which Services Are Best for You? Which Services Do You Need? We Will Know.

The best way to know which services are best for you are to do a consultation. Kyme, founder of Erasing Time, will do an in-depth consultation and discuss your goals and desires for your look and skin health. It can seem overwhelming as to which device or options are best for you, so we take the guessing out of it during your individual consultation.

What Can I Expect From The PRP Penis Treatment?

Erasing Time is professional and experienced in the art of Penile PRP. We understand the discretion, the concerns, and the need for clear client education on what to expect from the PRP Penis Treatment.

At Erasing Time, the first thing that happens whenever the client walks into their appointment is getting comfortable. Our MedSpa suite has private rooms that have been created for comfort of our clients. We make sure we offer our clients reverse osmosis water, coffee, or tea while they are getting settled into their room.

The next step is taking a small blood draw from which we place into a centrifuge where the PRP will be separated from the red blood cells. While the centrifuge is doing its magic, we will numb the client’s penis with a numbing cream. As soon as the penis is numb enough, the PRP is carefully and gently injected. The procedure is painless and very fast, and the injections are complete within about 5 minutes.

After just a few weeks, our clients notice increased sensation which leads to increased firmness, as well as good uptick in getting frisky. Thanks to the new formation of collagen and increased blood flow. Although some men experience an immediate enlargement, for most men the tissue growth will continue to steadily develop over the following weeks, yielding results that last many months or even up to a year.

There is something we call “the magic three” in which the client experiences his maximum benefit. At this three month marker, the client gets the optimum results from the PRP Penis Treatment and really sees and feels the benefits of the treatment. Many patients report firmer, stronger, larger erections after the tissue begins to rejuvenate.

Is There Any Downtime with The PRP Penis Treatment?

There is no downtown with the PRP Penis Treatment, and our clients tell us they experience little to no pain during the treatment. You may resume sexual activity on the same day following your treatment. Some men may have slight bruising or have mild soreness, but each person’s experience is different so it really just depends on your body.

How Much Time Does the PRP Penis Treatment Take?

The entire procedure is very fast and easy. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the treatment from beginning to end.

Is PRP Penis Treatment Right For Me?

There’s no specific age where “it’s time to get the P Shot” as it really depends on when it’s right for you. Clients that come to us for PRP Penis Therapy range in age from 20s to their 70’s so there is a wide spread in regards to age and reasons for getting the treatment.

We have young men who simply want to experience higher sensation that come in for a P Shot, and we have older gentleman who suffer from prostate issues and ED and want help when medications alone are not fixing the problems.

How Many P Shot Treatments Will I Need?

That depends on the reasons that you are choosing the treatment and your end goals. But our clients generally opt for 1 to 3 treatments, 3 months apart.

PRP Penis Treatment